Photographing Art


“If you have an eye for arts and culture, keep looking to DeSoto,” noted Mayor Rachel L. Proctor.  “Adopting a Cultural Arts Master Plan and the policies to implement that plan are the first of many steps we are taking to ensure that the arts, culture and heritage of DeSoto is more visible in our city and the region. From the Grow DeSoto Marketplace to Nance Farm we are dedicated to strengthening the arts as an economic and community development effort.”


The DAL will allow up to six artists to work as Artists in Residence in various spaces in our community, working primarily with a designated organization, city agency or in a commercial space where the public has open access to interact with the artists. The stipend-based residencies have mutual benefits for the artist and for the community – providing time and space for artists and other creative individuals to work; and involving residents and visitors in a variety of visual and performing art forms.


Artists will be selected through a competitive process.  The length of a residency can vary from one week up to six months and can support a single artistic discipline or bring together artists from across multi-disciplines. 


DAL Artists are matched up with a mentor artist to support the development and implementation of the residency projects.


The responsibilities of artists include, but are not limited to, self-scheduled meetings with mentors, participation a series of technical assistance workshops provided by the City of DeSoto, conducting research to identify a space for the residency to occur, and showcasing a public presentation of their work.

SELECTION PROCESS: The DAL Review Panel will review the materials submitted and may request an in-person or virtual interview with the finalists.  Artists will be notified by email of acceptance to the DAL program and will be required to enter into a contract with the City of DeSoto for participation in the program.  Artist will work with City staff to finalize a scope of services to be attached to their contract documents.

Filling Out a Form


Artists should submit a single PDF file that includes:

  1. Letter of interest (indicating a strong rationale for acceptance into the DeSoto Artist Lab and willingness to work with the City of DeSoto staff to develop a successful residency)

  2. Professional resume which includes your Artist Statement

  3. Project budget including artist fee for the residency period

  4. Up to four images that give the review panel an indication of their work and artistic discipline. (one photo per page) Note: (Performing artists may also submit links to audio or video files.) 

  5. Submit two references from people who can speak to your artistic practice.

ARTIST ELEGIBILITY:   Emerging or professional artists who have a strong interest in engaging the DeSoto community in creative activity. Artists working in all media are eligible.

The PDF of the full Application packet including all documents mentioned above should be emailed to:

The deadline for submission of the application packet is Friday September 17, 2021 at midnight.  No applications will be accepted after the deadline.

Tip: We are excited that you would consider being in the first class of the Lab and look forward to receiving your application.  We are working hard to make this process simple and accessible, and so it's important that you follow the directions. Double check the application checklist. Send work samples in the format that is requested and most importantly, do not send more than what is requested.